Today I…

Today I had rich discussions about connections to our units of inquiry.
Today I got lots of hugs from smiley kindergarteners.
Today I skipped down the hall.
Today I answered about 147 questions.
Today I led 5 meetings.
Today I had dinner with a colleague and friend, bouncing around ideas about orientation.
Today I made someone’s day.
Today I listened to music while riding my bike.
Today I reflected on the POI review process thus far. We’re almost done! 🙂
Today I sent 31 emails.
Today I crossed off many things on my to do list. Sadly, the list is still a mile long.
Today I enjoyed the sunshine.
Today I wore a Frozen hair extension in my hair that a 4 year old gave me. And I rocked it!
Today I laughed. A lot.
Today I was pulled in a hundred different directions.
Today I was a multi-tasking master.
Today I worked hard, but was energized by it.


12 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. elsie

    We count the hours and minutes in a day, but somehow forget to count some of the most important bits in a day. What a full day, but great day! Any photos of the Frozen extension? 🙂

  2. cweichel

    What a lovely busy day you have shown us. It seems that only younger children skip down the hall. I often wonder why things change. I’m glad you have been able to retain this joy in every minute of the day.

  3. Stephen James

    HI Jennifer, My Name is Stephen Robertson. I have accepted a job as the physical Education teacher at Albanian College Tirana. I’ve been doing my research but it would be great to hear any advice you have for anything like, accommodation rentals, school life etc.


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