Dakar, Day One #sol16 19 of 31


Highlights of today: Meeting Reina. Spending time with Melissa. Sunshine. Seeing a bit of Dakar. Shopping at the American Store. Hanging out with Sally, Bruce, and T. Watching the sunset on the beach.

After some much needed sleep, I eased into the day by hanging around the house with Mel and Reina. Reina was so funny! When she first saw me, she was so uncertain about this strange girl in her house. I kept getting the stare down, which just made Mel and I crack up. After a little while, she warmed up to me and even let me hold her. We became fast friends. She is such a happy baby- always smiling and laughing. She likes being held, which I love!

IMG_7862   IMG_7861

We got a late start to the day, but the sun was out and the weather was amazing! It was warm, but not hot, and there was a steady breeze all day. I got to see a bit of the town from Mel’s driving me around- we pulled over to snap a few pics of the mosque and the ocean. We then stopped by the American Store, where I was able to stock up on things I can’t get back in Albania (hello Cheerios, Oreos, and Mac n Cheese!). From there, we ran a few errands, and came back to play with Reina before dinner.



The place we went for dinner, Le Ngor, overlooked the beach, and watching the sunset while listening to the waves was so relaxing. I had a very tasty coconut shrimp curry with rice and a few bites of Sally’s honey sesame shrimp. Sally, my friend and colleague in Albania, and her boyfriend joined us for dinner. Despite being eaten up by mosquitos, I really enjoyed it. We rounded out the night with drinks at the Radisson Blu hotel, overlooking the ocean. All in all, day one was a success. Day two begins with brunch on the beach. I think I’m gonna like this place!




6 thoughts on “Dakar, Day One #sol16 19 of 31

  1. elsie

    After the frantic days prior to this trip, you appear to be relaxing nicely. What a darling baby! I can imagine how hard it is to put her down. Love all the pics!

  2. Andres

    Chill out and enjoy the week. Say hi to Sally for me. Paris to Dakar- one would think you two were taking part in that famous old rally.


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