Beyond Exhausted #sol16 17 of 31


Beyond Exhausted

too tired to see straight
beyond exhausted
my whole body hurts
beyond exhausted
worked for over 12 hours today
beyond exhausted
and I’m still not done
beyond exhausted
leaving for the airport in 7 hours
beyond exhausted
haven’t started packing yet
beyond exhausted
forgot to eat all day
beyond exhausted
have a headache now
beyond exhausted
so much to do
not enough time
but I have to keep going
even though I’m
beyond exhausted

6 thoughts on “Beyond Exhausted #sol16 17 of 31

  1. Katy Collins

    Oh…your poem went straight to my heart! I don’t think I’ve got it quite as bad as you today (yesterday was my roughest DST day), but my to-do list is longer than my energy is going to last and, like you I have to pack!! Ugh! I want to throw up my hands, but that would mean missing a great trip, so on we go…good luck, and may SB bring you lots of deserved rest!


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