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After reading lots of slices that use this format, I thought I’d give it a shot!

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chill, techno music playing at The Montrose, my new favorite hangout in Tirana. Hello quesadillas, homemade chips, and guacamole!


the Slice of Life Challenge this year. Even though I have so much going on right now, I don’t feel stressed at all. In fact, I feel energized by the daily practice of reflecting and writing.


fruit tea and water


about what I’m going to pack tonight for my trip to Thessaloniki. A friend of mine and I are leaving tomorrow after work, driving 7 hours to Greece, and staying through Monday. IKEA here we come! (Yes, we planned a trip to another country for the sole reason of going to IKEA. But, while we are there, we will also hit up a Starbucks to drink a Chai Tea Latte and go to a grocery store to buy cheddar cheese, goat cheese, and other foods we can’t get here. I also see tzatziki, baklava, and Greek salads in our future. Oh, and we’ll see something cultural to make ourselves feel better, too.)


more time in the day. Doesn’t everyone want this? Sometimes I just wish I could hit pause so I could get more work done, or slow down and binge-watch my favorite TV series or read a book, but still have time to do everything else I want/need to do.


the PYP resource room inventory, and subsequently the annual order. Why is it that I have tons of energy for work I want to do, but things I need to do, but aren’t that fun, are harder, and I put them off? Sometimes I need a fire under my ass to get stuff done!


someone to do the inventory for me. ūüėČ


lots of emails, fellow slicer’s blog posts, comments on my blog, PYP unit planners, What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, and about to start Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.


that I’m forgetting something. With so much on my plate, I sometimes worry that I forgot to do something.


how Shaggers is doing. She went into labor today, but I haven’t had an update in a few hours. Hope she, Jeezy, and baby Shags are doing well. Love them!!!


my trip to¬†Senegal to visit Melissa, T, and baby Reina during Spring Break (only 8 more days til I leave!).¬†I cannot wait to see them!!! And, Senegal is country #30 for me…woohoo, another milestone!