Vivid Dream #sol16 7 of 31


Are you one of those people who remembers your dreams? Do you wake up, still in that moment between sleep and awareness, and question whether your memories actually happened? Do you remember the details, hours or days later?

This morning, waking up in a haze, I couldn’t help but remember what played out in my dreams last night. I should have written my dream down then, but I was late for work. It’s now evening, but I still remember the main points.

It was the strangest thing. I was leaving for work, only I didn’t live in Albania. I’m not quite sure where I was living, but I know I was living in a house near a lake. And I drove. I haven’t driven myself to work in nearly 6 years. Anyhow, I was running late (surprise, surprise), and in my haste, I grabbed my bag and phone and ran out to get in the car. Only when I was in the car, I realized I had forgotten something inside. Leaving the car running and the door open, I ran back toward the house. Suddenly, I heard a noise, and turning around, I saw my car rolling backwards, down a hill, toward the lake near my house. I broke into a run to try and save my car from plummeting into the lake. The car picked up speed as it rolled down the hill. I couldn’t run fast enough. As the car was closing in on the lake, the open door hit a tree, and the door was knocked clean off. At that point, I knew it was a lost cause. I kept running toward the car, but my pace slowed down. I watched as my car slowly filled with water and sunk deeper and deeper into the lake. I was unable to stop it. I felt helpless.

As I started getting ready for work on this rainy Monday, I was hoping that my dream wasn’t an indication of how today would go. My day started out okay, but by the afternoon, it wasn’t going as well as I’d like. I’m left wondering did I have a bad day because of my dream or did the dream lingering in the back of my head influence my day? Or was it just a coincidence?

9 thoughts on “Vivid Dream #sol16 7 of 31

  1. bjdonaldson

    I like the way you talked directly to the reader in your slice. It really drew me in and made me feel like I was having an intimate chat with you. The humor, “I was running late (surprise, surprise,” was effective, too. Well done!

  2. elsie

    That’s the kind of dream that makes you happy to wake up and shake it off. I have to tell myself, it’s only a dream. Hope you sleep well tonight!


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