Sunday, Lazy Sunday #sol16 6 of 31


Lazy Sundays

I just love lazy Sundays
days where I can have a lie in
get up when I wake up
not when the alarm tells me to
leisurely eat breakfast
without even a glance
at the time

days where I can
catch up with friends
each on different continents
listening to what’s
happening in their lives
swapping stories
sharing laughs

days where I can watch
episode after episode
of my favorite shows
without feeling guilty
and worrying about
other, more productive things
I need to be doing

days where I can take the time to
slowly read slices
getting to know other bloggers
gathering ideas for
my own slices

days where I can enjoy
a cup of hot tea
while bundled up
in my bed

days like this
are what I love
days when I don’t
have to do anything
except just be

8 thoughts on “Sunday, Lazy Sunday #sol16 6 of 31

  1. elsie

    Having one day a week where time is not the driving force is what the body needs. Sundays are that slow-the-world-down-day. What a peaceful slice of today!

  2. Linda Baie

    You’ve managed such a lovely yearning in your poem, Aggie. I love each part. I’m newly retired and thought that many days might be like this, but they aren’t. I am still quite busy, but most of the time I don’t have to run out of the house. I like your poem.


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