Through Another’s Eyes #sol16 2 of 31


You know how excited you get when you move to (or visit) a new place? Everything is different, therefore new and exciting! You almost bounce down the street, giddy with anticipation over what you will see next. Your camera takes pictures of everyday, ordinary things, but to you, they are extraordinary. But the newness fades…it always does. The things you once found exciting are eventually normal. Novelty becomes commonplace.

But then someone else arrives, and you, as the seasoned veteran, have the privilege of showing them around, and suddenly you are experiencing the newness all over again through another’s eyes. That’s what happened today. I picked up Dana, our school’s new Mandarin teacher, from the airport this morning. Dana, who was moving to a new country for the first time, brought me back to how I felt in August, when I first experienced life in Albania. As we walked down the street, I noticed how she kept stopping, and when I turned around, I’d find her with her iPhone out snapping pictures of the colorful buildings, the street vendors, the blue sky. My first thought was “why is she taking a picture of that?”, before I realized, “duh…this is all new to her! of course she’d take a picture of that!” I did the same when I first arrived, too.

I remember riding my bike through the streets of Tirana, orienting myself to my new city, stopping randomly to take a photo of this or that. I’m the same way when I visit a new city. I enjoy wandering around, getting to know a new place by feeling the heartbeat of the city. Here’s Tirana through my eyes, back when it was all new to me.

Tirana buildings


tirana pyramid

tirana food 2

tirana national history museum

tirana food

tirana old building

tirana streets

23 thoughts on “Through Another’s Eyes #sol16 2 of 31

  1. elsie

    Tirana is beautiful! Is the second to the last building your school, apartment, or just a random cool looking building? The food looks great too. I know nothing about Albania, so I am hoping you will enlighten me this month.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks Elsie! It really is! 🙂 No, that’s just this really old building that is falling apart, but yet I find it beautiful. It’s in my neighborhood though. My apartment is pretty on the inside, but the building really isn’t. I live right in the center of town next to the national history museum (the building with the mosaic mural on the top). I will definitely post more pics and write more stories about life in Tirana during the SOLSC. The food is tasty…I took the new teacher to dinner tonight and we had the fried feta with blackberry sauce (pictured above). Delish!

  2. dianeandlynne

    Great photos. Of course, I glommed on to the food! My son lives next door to an immigrant from Albania. Such an interesting place to be.

  3. Kristy L

    Wow! First of all, how cool that you live and teach in ALBANIA! Second, I love your thoughts on this. In a similar situation, I have a teacher-observer right now, and just showing her around school, introducing her to the kids, etc, helps me to remember how I feel about school!

  4. Nina Anderson

    What beautiful photos and I especially appreciate the reminder that wherever we live can be fascinating-we just need to see it through a different lens.

  5. Nicole

    I can’t wait to hear more about Albania. My husband and I love to travel and experience new places and cultures. Unfortunately the newness of places wears off too quickly. It’s always great to be reminded of why you love a place so much.

  6. Molly Robbins

    Love it! Yes, it IS amazing to share a place you know well with someone new. My husband and I were in the Peace Corps in Nepal…when we have Nepali friends come to the US for the first time, it helps me see it in a new way – through their eyes.

      1. Molly Robbins

        Awesome! K’du is a very hectic place. I love it though. That’s really cool you’ve been there. It is a magical spot of the world, that’s for sure.

  7. shaggerspicchu

    Even though yesterday I said how much I hate punctuation. I like when you use it so well. I wish I could come and visit. Your photographs will have to suffice for now!

  8. Michelle Nero

    I think it’s a beautiful thing to be reinvigorated with life around us. And what a beautiful city you live in! Thanks for sharing with your new set of eyes and photographs! Can’t wait to hear more!

  9. bbutler627

    Oooooh I love your “ordinary” photos! I’ve never been but I know the feeling you’re so effortlessly describing. So much to see through your eyes this month!


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