Betrayal- SOL #2


try to do what’s right
try to make a difference
try to trust
but words
mean nothing
just words but
actions tell a different story
no integrity
lies on top of lies
so many, it’s hard to
know what’s real
just when you think
the worst is over
the hits
just keep on

30 thoughts on “Betrayal- SOL #2

      1. Nat

        ❤ I have no idea what's going on in your life right now my friend but I ave you in my heart ❤

  1. Donna Smith

    In the midst of the angst, the words “and the hits just keep on coming” evoke a wry smile. It’s a valley you are in now, but there are more mountain views ahead. I’m praying for your mountain!

  2. Jennifer

    Wow. This post certainly shows the power of your feelings. Your poem certainly resonates with feelings that I’ve had in the past. Isn’t it wonderful, though, that you can express yourself freely? Writing is so cathartic.

  3. elsie

    Betrayal is an unforgivable offense in my book. I hope you can take strength from those who are supportive and leave the one not worth mentioning behind.

  4. lynnjake

    Ouch. Betrayal is a hurt that strikes so deeply. I hope this is not an ongoing thing, and that you’ll be able to move on, leaving it behind. I’m sorry you had to experience this.

  5. Leigh Anne

    Sadly, I have been in the same boat. Betrayal and breach of trust is so hard. Take one day at a time and writing always helps…so does chocolate! 🙂

  6. Jaana

    Your post is another reason we have this writing community. We are are to support each other. Let your words out, we will be here to carry you for a few moments. Wishing you a better day tomorrow!


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