Words That Are Speaking to Me

Anyone who’s worked in a school knows the flurry of the last few weeks before summer. It’s an endless whirlwind of turn this in, gotta do that, and wait! where did the time go? As someone new to the role of principal, this is amplified even more. As we head into the homestretch of the fastest, yet somehow also the slowest, school year of my career, I find myself caught up in the whirlwind. Doggy-paddling like crazy so I don’t drown, crossing off one thing at a time from my never-ending to do list, I have taken solace in words that are speaking to me.

Generally, words that are speaking to me take the form of quotes that I find in my reading (or Pinterest) and jot down in my writer’s notebook, but the words that are speaking to me today came in the form of song lyrics. Whenever I’m working late, I have soft background music playing. Lately, I am obsessed with the band Sleeping at Last. All of their songs are great, but a few stick out today, for they reassure me that what I’m doing matters, even when I can’t see it.

“Make my messes matter. Make this chaos count.” ~from “Jupiter”

Like I said, I’m in a whirlwind, chaos, a mess. I love this because it’s a reminder to me to make those messes matter, make the chaos count. It’s so easy to give up in the midst of a messy situation. Fold when the chaos ensues. But today, I’m going to make my messes matter. I’m going make this chaos count. And I’ll be better for it.

“You’re enough. I promise you’re enough. I promise you’re enough. I promise you. You are enough. These little words, somehow they’re changing us.” ~from “You Are Enough”

What a powerful message! I am enough. You are enough. No matter what, I am enough. As a principal (and chronic perfectionist), I often feel that I don’t measure up. That I’m not enough. This is a little reminder that yes, I am enough.

I’m thankful that during this time of uncertainty, busyness, chaos, and mess, I was reminded to focus on what’s important, to make everything matter, and most importantly, to remember that I’m enough.

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2 thoughts on “Words That Are Speaking to Me

  1. arlsvera

    I love song lyrics — they are sort of like modern poetry. I can never have music on when I am trying to concentrate because I just end up listening to the words and getting nothing else done! I like the quotes that you chose – very appropriate for this busy time of year (or really, anytime!).


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