Daily Archives: April 29, 2014

No Time to Breathe

I hate the word busy. It seems like everyone, including myself, is always so busy lately. Today was one of those days. Beginning at 8:30AM and continuing until 5:30PM when I left work, I was non-stop all day long. With back-to-back meetings, interviews, and assessments, I literally had 10 minutes to scarf down my lunch, and the only time I answered emails was during a lull in the conversation when I would take a few seconds to quickly scan and respond to an email. Even so, I left the day with 30 unopened emails, waiting until tonight when I could get home and answer a few. My day was frenzied and rushed and left no time for me to slow down, talk to teachers who needed me, chat with students like I normally do, or whittle away at the mountain of work I need to do.

My OLW this year is balance, but lately I’ve been so unbalanced I’m surprised I haven’t fallen over. I’m trying to get to everything…work, play, time for myself…but it’s hard. One thing that I love is writing, but now that March is over, I find myself struggling to slice even once per week. Now that the daily writing month is over, my days seem to fill with other “stuff.” My reading life has suffered lately, too. I was averaging 4-5 novels or professional texts a month, but now I’m down to 2-3. Exercise is another thing that’s a struggle for me. I need to make the time, but things are always creeping in, taking my time away from what I need to do. And then there’s sleep. Earlier this year, I was in bed at a reasonable hour and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Now, I’m staying up later and later, fighting getting up in the morning, and yawning all day. Something’s gotta give, but what?

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