Daily Archives: March 25, 2014

Recharging Next Week- SOL #25


Next week is our Spring Break, and I mean it when I say I’m in need of a mental break- a step back from work and the busyness of life. Today I have been thinking about my upcoming trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. I’ll be going by myself, which I’m quite looking forward to doing. Traveling solo allows me the opportunity to do what I want, when I want. It also gives me chances to make new friends and engage in experiences I might not otherwise.

What I’m particularly looking forward to in Nepal is recharging. This week will be a time to explore a new culture, experience beautiful scenery and nature, and give me some time to do what I love- reading and writing. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m an unplanned traveler. This goes for this trip as well, but I have planned one thing, apart from my airplane ticket of course, and that is to stay at a tiny B&B outside of Kathmandu. Nestled amid the rice fields, this little gem is quaint and quiet and surrounded by greenery. I’ll be soaking in nature, walking around the rice fields (I’ve never been to any before!), taking photos using my newest lens (thanks mom and dad!), resting, reading a few novels (already have my stack ready), and writing in my writer’s notebook. My room has a balcony with comfy chairs outside, and I plan on spending time out there writing, while sipping on some tea. Ahhh…just thinking about it relaxes me. I want Saturday to hurry up already!

If you are interested in where I’ll be staying, check out The Little House in the Rice Fields website. The pictures will show you why I’m so excited! I’ll post about my trip once I get back, so you’ll get to see Nepal through my eyes.