Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

Breakfast for 100- SOL #21


This morning was fun! It was a lot of work…but it was fun. As a thank you to our staff for exceeding 400 students this year, we honored them with a homemade breakfast today. In August, our enrollment was 347 students. Now it’s 412. Our highest enrollment in the school’s 17-year history is 418. We are so close to breaking our record that we can taste it!!! It’s all thanks to the amazing educators and dedicated Admissions team here at RBIS.

Earlier this week, all of the staff members were given a menu from which to choose their breakfast choices. Our Leadership and Admissions teams then cooked up made-to-order meals, consisting of veggie “omelettes” (more like scrambled eggs because it was faster), banana nut muffins, fresh fruit, bao zi, and coffee, tea, or juice. Then we hand-delivered the plates to the eager teachers and staff members.

Seeing their smiling faces and hearing their gratitude for such a small gesture meant the world to us! It was so great to be able to serve them in this way. Our teachers, support staff, ayis, and guards give so much to our school, that we felt it was time to give something back to them! I loved being able to bring a little bit of sunshine to their day. 🙂