Broken- SOL #17



trust is a funny thing
while it can take days, weeks, even years to build,
it can all be broken in a matter of seconds
feeling like you’ve been duped
made to believe in empty promises
the rug pulled out from under you
lost faith in humanity
disappointment in others
disappointment in myself

20 thoughts on “Broken- SOL #17

  1. peteacher1

    “disappointment in myself’ has me wondering…did that happen before, but you trusted again? Did you not trust your first instinct? Do you blame yourself? Such a disappointment, which is an emotion that overwhelms me. I hope you find some peace in this situation soon. Another learning experience.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Yeah, I was pretty upset about it last night. I tried to write about something else, but that’s the only thing that was on my mind. It helped to get it out.


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