Daily Archives: March 16, 2014

MRI Results Are In!- SOL#16



Earlier this week I had an MRI on my back. I’d been having some acute back and leg pain lately, which was more than the normal dull pain I have, so I went to get it checked out. In my initial evaluation, the doctor thought it was nerve damage and ordered an MRI to check it out. Well, the results are in!

The good news is that the damage is not new. It’s all old damage that’s been there a while. Most of it, coincidentally, is congenital and nothing I did caused it. The results are lengthy, and I can’t pronounce or define┬ámost of the words, but I can tell you that the words “mild” or “no evidence of” are in front of all of those big, scary words. ­čÖé I have scoliosis, which I’ve known about for 20 years, which has contributed to the wearing down of my vertebrae. Everyone’s born with perfectly squared vertebrae (I’m speaking in 2D terms, I know), but several of my lumbar vertebrae look like someone squished the square in on all sides, the result resembling more of a square drawn by a four-year-old. In addition to the worn down vertebrae, I found out that I’m part of the small percentage of the population (less than 10%) who has 6 lumbar vertebrae instead of the normal 5. Again, I was born that way. I don’t quite understand how that correlates to my back pain, but apparently it causes issues. Then there’s the issue with the opening containing my nerves being smaller than normal, causing pressure to the nerve root. This is what’s causing the pain in my left leg and foot.

The good news in all this is that there isn’t anything majorly wrong that would require surgery. Whew! We are going to continue with the physiotherapy and increase the amount of exercise I do. At my PT appointment this weekend, my third one since I started, my therapist said that the pain has decreased and he’s noticed some improvements. Hooray! Thanks for all the prayers and kind words!