Daily Archives: March 14, 2014

Date Night- SOL #14


Tonight I had a very special date. It was actually a “double date.” I had the pleasure of taking the most adorable four-year-old out to dinner. Melissa joined in the fun, too, hence the “double date.” Here are a few of our highlights.

On the taxi ride to Pizza Marzano, Jaker Baker and I decide to take a few selfies…the emotions Jake wanted were happy, crazy, and bored. Oh, and how cute is he in his little bow tie?!? He dressed up just for our date, telling his mom in the morning that he wanted to wear a bow tie and that you wear a bow tie when you get married. Sorry to report, there were no marriages tonight. Maybe next time.




At one point, Jake says, “What’s that smell? It’s really bad!”

He pauses to think…”Wait, is it my breath?”

Laughing, I said, “No, I think it’s the taxi driver.”

“Oh, well that’s good,” he replies. This kid seriously cracks me up!

At the mall, we have to go up four “eckstalators” to the fifth floor. He loved to marvel at how small the people were on the ground floor as we went up and up. Once at the restaurant, we wait patiently for our table, Jake sitting between us, whispering secrets.


For dinner, Jaker Baker ordered a pepperoni and cheese pizza (we had to order it with cheese he said!), apple juice, chocolate cake, and a kid cappuccino (sans coffee of course!). He loved the chocolate cake– there was none left! Throughout dinner, he was so polite and well-mannered. Melissa and I were really impressed!



After dinner, we took Jake to a bookstore to buy a surprise book. Not surprising to us, he insisted on a princess book. If you don’t know Jake, let me fill you in. His latest obsession is with all things “princessy.” He was really excited about his mixed-up princess book that you could change around to make different princess varieties. And just to be fair, we picked up a Smurf book for brother. All in all, Jake was the best date we could have asked for! Thank you Jakey! 🙂