Daily Archives: March 13, 2014

Secrets- SOL #13


The idea of secrets has always intrigued me. Why we keep secrets. Who we tell them to. Who we don’t tell them to. The secrets we keep from our family, our friends, ourselves. The idea that it’s easier to tell a secret to a complete stranger than your closest friend. How we feel inclined to share secrets, even those that aren’t ours to share. Which secrets to keep. Which ones to let slip.

There’s a site I follow, Post Secret, which posts anonymous secrets each Sunday. Some make me laugh, some make me cringe, and others make me cry. Some secrets are a cry for help, a longing for someone, anyone, to listen. I wonder if the people sending in their secrets have someone they can talk to. Do they have someone who will listen to them and care what they have to say? I truly hope so.

When you get down to it, secrets are essentially those things or ideas you want to hide from someone else. Sometimes they’re big secrets, other times, insignificant. But nevertheless, they are important to the secret teller.
It got me thinking. What are the types of things people hide?
~what we really want
~our vices
~our messes
~what goes on inside our minds
~our weaknesses
~our fat
~money/our spending habits
~our Internet habits/history
~our insecurities and fears
~our true selves

What do you hide?