Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

Springtime- SOL #6



As I sit here, bundled up, wishing the cold would finally, finally go away, I find myself searching for a slice. My brain is tired after my day today, so I reach for my notebooks, hoping for some inspiration. In my poetry notebook, I find a poem I wrote last spring, one I have yet to publish. This will have to do for today.


As I sit beneath
the sprawling branches,
I am provided with shade–
but not completely.
The sun peeks through
the bright green leaves,
and as I look up,
my eyes squint,
not used to
so much light,
still used to winter’s
gray, gloomy skies.
I welcome the squinting,
for the brightness of the sun
means spring has finally come.
Looking around me,
I notice a tangle of limbs,
fighting one another for space
as they reach for the sun;
the once manicured flower bed,
where weeds have taken over,
taking root wherever they can,
not worrying whether or not
they were invited;
the freshly-planted flowers
of gold, pink, and purple
soak up the buttery warmth
of the sun’s rays.
Though I can’t see them,
birds sing songs of spring.
wide open,
let in the perfection
of today,
of spring.