Days Like Today- SOL #2


You know that song “Happy,” the one from Despicable Me 2? Well that song sums up how I feel about my day. The sun was shining, the weather was warm-ish, and I woke up full of energy! Sipping on my Chai tea, I eased into the day by reading a few slices of life and watching the latest Grey’s Anatomy (so juicy!). Β After a quick lunch, I headed out to enjoy the day. Here’s a snapshot of a leisurely Sunday in Shanghai…

Remnants of Chinese New Year still hanging around...

Chinese lanterns adorned the entrance to the Laowai Jie (walking street), no doubt left over from our recent Chinese New Year celebration. After stopping off at the post office, I headed over to the flower market, a place that offers an escape from the busy streets of Shanghai.




After passing over the river that splits the city in half, and walking down the typical tree-lined streets synonymous with the French Concession, I came upon the entrance to the flower market. If you’re not careful, you’ll pass it up! First stop was the cutest little shop that sells all sorts of kitchen-related items. I picked up a few packs of designer napkins, placemats, measuring spoons, spatulas, and diffusers. Then it was onto the flowers…


How adorable is this Hello Kitty flower arrangement? I’m not sure who I’d ever get this for, but if I Β had a friend who was obsessed with Hello Kitty, this would be the perfect gift!


Orchids, Orchids, Orchids! I absolutely love orchids, but I didn’t pick any up today. I perused the various flower stalls, inquiring about the prices of various cut flower arrangements, before heading outside to the potted plants. I wasn’t sure I was even going to buy anything, but when the nice lady asked me into her stall, I obliged. She showed me all kinds of plants and flowers, and once I found out the prices, I couldn’t resist.


Here’s my bounty from today- some daffodils, mint, lavender, a basket of bright flowers, a yellow flowered plant, and a pot of gorgeous pink and purple flowers that smell divine! The best part was that I got all of that for 140 RMB (about $23 USD!). What a steal! πŸ™‚

With my plants safely at home, I headed out to indulge myself. My book in hand, I went to get an hour-long foot massage. This is definitely one of my guilty pleasures in Shanghai- reading while getting a massage! It’s how I do “me time.”

Finally, I finished off my day at Pizza Marzano, a favorite restaurant of mine. Armed with sweet tea and pasta, I set to work on an information packet for new teachers, only taking a few breaks to comment on some slices. All in all, today was a great day! I’m ready for Monday…bring it on!

14 thoughts on “Days Like Today- SOL #2

  1. Jaana

    On my blog today, I wrote that I will get to celebrate many wonderful photos of far away places during this March writing challenge. And then a little while later, I am reading your blog and getting to enjoy wonderful pictures of China! (After I had cleaned my car from the snow so that the snow plow could clear the parking area.) Thanks for the photos!

  2. shaggerspicchu

    Today sounds like a wonderful day in Shanghai! I loved that flower market, but it was always tricky to avoid all the little critters and creatures boxed up for sale.
    Did you happen to spot a cricket fighting match? I always thought those were so interesting. Ah you just gave me an idea for a SOL!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      It was such a wonderful day! I managed to avoid most of the critters. I only saw a few turtles and rabbits. Sadly, I didn’t see any cricket fights. 😦
      Just read your SOL…not sure what sparked your idea, but your post was awesome!

  3. elsie

    You had me when you mentioned sunshine, especially since I know you’ve not seen much lately. Love those pictures and learning what you do on a sunny Sunday. Someday, I may get to Shanghai, I hope you are still there.

  4. Lee Corey

    I love the photos with the story, and your day had many of my favorite things – flowers, good food, a different culture, sweet tea and a book! Thanks for sharing Shanghai!


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