Personal Leadership Statement

As I stated in my previous post, our summative assessment task at this weekend’s workshop was to write our own personal leadership statements. Through discussions with our group, thought-provoking videos about effective leadership, personal surveys that determined our strengths, personality type, and leadership style, and thoughtful reflections, we each wrote our own “statement” on leadership. I say “statement” because mine turned out to be a bit unconventional. My leadership statement evolved into a poem. While I may revise it later into a more conventional statement, here’s a look at my first draft. I’d really love your feedback!

Leader Am I 

what you see is what you get.
I may not have all the answers,
and I can promise you
I will make mistakes;
but I’ll never stop
Committed to nurturing
a community of learners
who care about and support
one another.
Streams of ideas flowing,
some developed, others discarded.
Plans formed,
action taken.
Flexible and responsive
when obstacles come my way.
and true to my word.
Invested in the people
that make up the fabric
of my school.
Striving to inspire,
and develop
the strengths of my team.
Driven by a belief
in a cause
greater than myself.

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