Today I…

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Today I…

Today I jumped right back into my routine.
Today I answered loads of emails.
Today I caught up with coworkers after our week off.
Today I was jet-lagged and tired.
Today I led three grade level meetings and an after school PD.
Today I made homemade potato soup for dinner.
Today I talked to my dad.
Today I gave advice.
Today I chatted with an eight year old about her birthday party.
Today I collaborated.
Today I shared pictures and stories from my vacation.
Today I recommended books to colleagues.
Today I received a wedding invite to a dear friend’s wedding I unfortunately don’t get to attend.
Today I shared hugs with friends and kids.
Today I played tag with an adorable three year old.
Today I Skyped.
Today I took a two hour nap after school.
Today I watched a little TV.
Today I was able to blog again, and I realized just how much I’ve missed it.
Today I smiled.

What did you do today?

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