I Miss Them- SOL #25

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Today would have been my grandparent’s sixty-third wedding anniversary; March 25, 1950 was the day my Mamaw and Grandaddy said “I do.” They were both incredible people who loved one another until the very end. Mamaw passed away on August 2, 2009, and Grandaddy just over a year later, on August 7, 2010. I miss them dearly, and think of them often. In honor of my grandparents and their love for one another, I’d like to share a tribute to them both.

img081Mamaw and Grandaddy in their younger days. How cute were they?


img086Mamaw and me on January 30, 1985, the day my little brother was born.

My first best friend and the best secret-keeper around,
she loved me more than anyone ever could.
Her contagious laugh and loving smile
caused everyone to turn their heads
whenever she entered a room.
Raised in the country, she knew just how to
sew and quilt, cook from scratch, tend to a garden,
milk a cow, drive a tractor, and build a fort.
I can remember attending the annual Chili Day with her
eating chili and crackers, sweet tea, and chocolate sheet cake,
bidding on the auction items with her by my side,
caught up in the excitement of the auctioneer’s fast-paced voice.
Mamaw was the best cook in the whole world–
everyone said so.
She could make a ‘nanner puddin’
better than anything you ever tasted!
Andrew and I, the official taste testers,
eagerly awaited that first bite,
warm from the oven.
It was always just right.
With a listening ear and a heart of gold,
Mamaw made everything ok.


This picture embodies our relationship– always teasing one another!

Grandaddy could build anything with his hands,
from a barn to a playhouse,
a fence to a chicken coop,
you name it, he could build it.
Frugal, even to the very end,
he wouldn’t wear a new pair of pants
until his old ones were worn out.
From school-bus bananas
and peas and cornbread
to Nilla Wafers and Tootsie Rolls.
Riding around in his old Dodge pickup,
his hand on my knee,
finding that tickle spot that drove me crazy!
He could make a friend wherever he went,
and he always had a story to tell,
even if you didn’t have time to listen to it.
Loyal as the day is long,
you could count on him no matter what.

Grandaddy and me just after Mamaw passed away. He was such a loving man.

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