Getting My Hair ‘Did’- SOL #22

SOLS button 2013


One of the many perks of living in Shanghai is being able to go to the salon for a wash and blow out on a regular basis. I love getting my hair done before going out so it has that nice fresh look to it. I can remember the first time I experienced a shampoo in Shanghai. I was so freaked out and thought they were doing it all wrong! Now I love it!

First of all, they sit you down in the chair, and with your hair dry, they plop a big dollop of shampoo right on top of your head. Then they proceed to wash your hair by adding little bit of water at a time by spraying your hair with this tube of water. Gradually they add more and more of your dry hair until your entire head is one big lather of hair and soap suds. Once the soap suds become too much, they squeeze them into their hands and throw them in the trashcan. Then they add more shampoo and water and start the process again.

IMG_2729Here’s me with my soapy hair ๐Ÿ™‚

The best part of this process is that they massage your head while they wash your hair. It’s so relaxing! After two “washes,” they take you to the sink to rinse and condition your hair. During the conditioning phase, you also get more massages. After that, it’s back to the chair for a blow out. They’ll blow it straight or curly, whatever you want. My favorite part is that the entire thing costs 38 RMB, which is equivalent to $6 USD. Yep, you heard that right. An hour of pampering for six bucks! I’d say that’s a deal!

The finished product

5 thoughts on “Getting My Hair ‘Did’- SOL #22

  1. Nicole F.

    I love these little tidbits of life that you experience living somewhere else – moments that are so unique to wherever in the world you happen to be at that moment. You took us right into your experience, you hooked us with the shampoo on the dry hair and kept us right until you shared the price at the end!!! Thanks for a great slice, and your hair looks great btw!


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