Surprises Are The Best!- SOL #20

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I love planning surprises almost as much as I like getting surprised. Tonight was a night of surprises for Michelle, a good friend of mine who is one of the nicest people around! Tomorrow is her birthday, but since we have a standing “date night” every Wednesday, I knew it would be pretty easy to pull one over on her without her knowing. As far as she knew, I was taking her out for our regular dinner, just the two of us.

Her birthday surprise was a three-parter. First, we went to get foot massages at this uh-mazing place I’ve recently discovered, Subconscious Day Spa. Seriously, when I say this place is nice, that’s a definite understatement. It’s the epitome of relaxation and zen. The energy there is so calming that you can’t help but breathe a little deeper when you step inside. Like I said, Michelle thought it was just the two of us, but boy was she surprised when we walked into the spa and Amy, Melissa, and Linnea jumped out and yelled, “Happy Birthday Michelle!” The grin across her face warmed my heart. After the surprise, we all settled into our comfy, reclining massage chairs where we were pampered for the next hour. This is heaven for your feet!

After our massage, we walked next door to Dr. Wine, one of Michelle’s favorite places to eat and drink, where a table was waiting for us. As soon as we sat down, we immediately ordered three plates of goat cheese bruschetta. The waitress thought she misunderstood us. “Three orders?” she questioned. Yes, we know there are only five people here, but that dish is so amazing we really must have three orders.

IMG_2772All of us girls enjoying our yummy goat cheese bruschetta.

We ordered a bottle of wine (and a coke for me…I still don’t like wine) and our entrees and then dug into the goat cheese. It was gone in less than five minutes! Laughter, conversation, and wine flowed freely.

Linnea, Michelle (the birthday girl), and Amy

Me and Melissa

Following dinner, we proceeded to the photo booth at the back of the restaurant. This photo booth is really meant for one person, so it’s teeny-tiny inside. We had a blast fitting all five of us into one picture! After taking several pictures as mementos of Michelle’s birthday, we headed to our last stop of the night, gelato! I had the strawberry and lemon combo and it was so refreshing! Everyone else got something different, but we all loved it!

IMG_2769I love our photos! These are definitely going into my writer’s notebook!
Don’t you just love the one with Steve Jobs? Only in China! 😉

I had such a nice time tonight celebrating one of my favorite people! Happy Birthday Michelle! Love you!

12 thoughts on “Surprises Are The Best!- SOL #20

  1. Two years and finishing strong...

    So now I really want to come…any room for 50 something teacher who loves travel and teaching? xo just kidding, I could never leave this crazy group here. I’m glad you celebrated.

  2. mpistek

    How sweet of you to do that for someone you care about! I bet she will always remember after looking at those awesome photos! Great story 🙂


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