Things That Make Me Happy- SOL #8

SOLS button 2013

Things that make me happy…

  • goat cheese
  • days with no agenda
  • songs with a beat I can dance to
  • professional development- workshops, blogs, texts, and conversations
  • new outfits
  • uninterrupted reading time
  • colorful skinny jeans
  • holding babies- aren’t they just the best?!?
  • challenges
  • learning about new technology
  • the promise of a new writer’s notebook
  • fresh air- you appreciate the little things more when they are rare occurrences
  • “me time”
  • finding a new favorite spot
  • that feeling when you are in “like” with someone
  • the beach
  • getting into a freshly made bed
  • my niece’s smile
  • sweet tea
  • getting actual letters in the mail- snail mail rules!
  • Australian men, food, beaches, and outlooks on life
  • sleeping in
  • manicures
  • helping others
  • flirting

10 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy- SOL #8

  1. Jaana

    Great list! I too love holding babies, but I also like giving them back to their parents when I smell something or there are some interesting sounds heard….

  2. cspeterson

    What a great list. I love that you started with goat cheese and ended with flirting. I feel like you’ve let me look over your shoulder as you hum through a pleasant moment in your day. What makes me happy today is quiet snow on a Saturday when I have no place I need to be. You’ve inspired my post for tomorrow!

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