The Traveler I’ve Become- SOL

As I embark on yet another adventure today, I thought it apropos to reflect on how I’ve changed as a traveler.

I used to be the kind of traveler who…
*planned extensive itineraries, printed out maps, made reservations for hotels and tours way in advance
*was a typical tourist (sans fanny pack, of course), visiting all the major tourist traps…ahem…attractions
*only ate familiar foods
*collected evidence to prove to my friends and family that I’d had a great time on my vacation…photos galore, stubs from every attraction I visited, pamphlets about this or that, postcards, (tacky) souvenirs…you name it, I collected it
*sought out McDonald’s familiar golden arches wherever I went, even though I rarely ate it when I was at home
*stayed in my comfort zone

But now, I’m the kind of traveler who…
*goes with the flow
*lets adventure come naturally
*explores without a plan, or with only a sketch of a plan that I am able to mold to suit my whims 
*enjoys seeing how people in that particular culture live *photographs real life, not just the touristy stuff
*goes off the beaten path
*tries new foods whenever possible (within reason, of course!) *avoids those golden arches at all costs
*is purposeful in what I buy
*handpicks the memories I want to preserve
*lives in the moment, stepping out of my comfort zone as much as possible

As much as I’ve grown as a traveler, I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of traveler I am in a year’s time. I love my happy little world-traveling life! For now, I’m off to Seoul on another adventure! 🙂 

I {heart} comments.

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