Daily Archives: March 28, 2012

Stuck- SOL

Writing today is tough. I’m staring at the clock, watching it count down, getting closer and closer to deadline time. If I wasn’t part of the SOLC, I wouldn’t write a post today. But I am a part of this challenge. I’ve committed to writing everyday. Even when it’s tough. Even when my mind is blank. Even when I don’t feel like it.

It’s odd that I feel this way today. Just yesterday I had an incredible conversation with Franco and Linnea about slicing. I talked about my struggles and triumphs during the past 27 days. I told them about how I felt energized and empowered as I watched myself becoming a writer. I even shared my sadness that the month is almost over and there are only 4 more days of slicing left. So why am I stuck today?

Sure, I’ve got ideas for possible slices, but they all seem inadequate. I want to write a post that will make someone smile, make a connection, cringe, laugh….react. But everything I try falls short of the mark. It’s interesting how I began this challenge writing for ME, but now I write for YOU. Franco reminded me that the point is to write for me, and if others react to it, great, and if not, that’s okay, too. Ugh, I’m talking in circles. For now, this is enough. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I’ll have something to say….I hope!