Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

This Magical Life- SOL

You know what? I love my beautiful, magical little life! Today I have a spring in my step and am truly loving life! My mind is going a mile a minute right now with all the things I love, and I can’t seem to even form cohesive sentences or paragraphs, so here’s my list:

*I love being surrounded by people who make me laugh, encourage me, and make me think.
*I love it when I can have conversations about my reading life with others.
*I love the sunshine today!

*I love that I got to talk to Jody for 3 hours this afternoon, and I cannot wait until she visits this summer! I get to show Jody what Shanghai’s all about, and then she and I are traveling to Hong Kong, Macau, and Cambodia together. I love her amazingly fun-loving spirit and I can’t wait to spend some time with her where a computer is not necessary for communication!
*I love writing. I love the changes that happen in my soul when I write. I love finding out more about me!
*I love reading and commenting on other Slices of Life! There are some amazingly talented writers out there.
*I love that in less than a week I’ll be going on my third international trip this year! Seoul, get ready for Jennifer and Linnea, ‘cause we’re on our way! 🙂
*I love celebrating others, whether it’s a birthday, a job well done, or that they’ve made a step in the right direction!
*I love cooking…and I love that I’ll be making brownies later.
*I love learning and boy have I done a lot of learning recently!
*I love where I’m at. I love that I am content with my current situation and that I’m able to live in and enjoy the moment!
*I love my family…immediate, extended, and friends that have become my family!
*I love that I get to meet a ton of new little people this summer…Mandi’s Jocelyn, Ashley’s Ivan, Katy’s Amelia, Andrew and Lisa’s Randi and several other yet-to-be-named babies!
*I love that my mom and I (and hopefully Jen) are taking a trip to New York together this summer! Neither of us have ever been, and we’re looking forward to it. “Wicked” on Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, and Ground Zero are on my to-see list!

I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring!