Daily Archives: March 24, 2012

Leisurely Sunday- SOL

Today was another sunshine-y day in the ‘hai, and tomorrow’s forecast promises the same (fingers crossed!). Tomorrow is already shaping up to be a great day! The only firm plans I have are a working breakfast with Mel at Element Fresh, where we are planning our 4th grade Blogging & Digital Citizenship unit. So fun…we are stoked to help teach it! After that, I plan on following whatever whimsical desires pop into my head. There will most certainly be some reading involved since I can’t wait to dive back into Reading with Meaning. I’m fairly certain that some aimless strolling will occur. Writing is a must– my slice and some work in my writer’s notebook. And from there…we’ll have to see what happens. I just love days where I get to choose what I’m going to do because the possibilities are endless!