I’m feeling thankful today, so I thought it was time for some more TBA’s. In case you don’t know, TBA stands for “Truths, Beauties, and Appreciations,” and it’s a reflective exercise to see the truth, beauty, and appreciation in life! The exercise is to write 5 Truths- Things you KNOW to be good and true; 5 Beauties- When you take time to notice the beauty in life- physical, nature, emotional; and 5 Appreciations- Things you appreciate. Here are mine for today…

1. I hosted a Thanksgiving-ish lunch today at my house…in March. 😉
2. I have written more in the past 18 days than I have in the previous 50.
3. I can’t wait to meet all the new babies this summer (my friends, cousin, & brother will all have a new baby by June)!
4. I have had one of the best weekends in a long while.
5. I leave for Korea in less than 2 weeks! And I have yet to plan anything. Oops!

1. My kitchen full of clean dishes, even after hosting lunch today! 😉
2. My new notebook just waiting to be filled with my thoughts and musings about the world around me…
3. My mom!
4. Shaggers and Linner, some of the best friends a girl could ask for!
5.My nightstand with Reading With Meaning and highlighters calling my name when I finish with my SOL

1. I appreciate laughter!
2. I appreciate game nights. Tonight was Quiddler! 🙂
3. I appreciate my friends indulging me when I wanted to play MASH tonight…so much fun! Apparently, I’ll work as a blind masseuse in a dirty cave, drive a time machine, and have a pet kangaroo! haha 🙂
4. I appreciate book clubs and the excitement that they bring.
5.I appreciate the Internet, as it allows me to keep in contact with 
those far away!
6.I appreciate how Andrew and Dee pick on me…it reminds me of my dad and brother 🙂
7.I appreciate Kayla and our very meaningful conversations!
8.I appreciate tea, especially peach flavored!
9.I appreciate the “Avocado Lady” since she has everything I want and it’s sooooo much cheaper than the import stores!!
10.I appreciate baths!
11.I appreciate all the slicers out there who pour their heart out everyday, both in their slices and in their comments!
12.I appreciate Stacey and Ruth for hosting this wonderful challenge!!
13.I appreciate when packages arrive!
14.I appreciate music!
15.I appreciate that I am in good health, and I pray for those who are sick or hurting!

What will you find Truth and Beauty in today? What do you Appreciate today? 

I {heart} comments.

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