Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

My Writing Journey- SOL

I love TWT’s motto, “Write. It’s good for you.” These words keep rolling around in my head lately. I’ve always known this to be true, but finding time to write each day has been difficult for me. I go through writing cycles. Sometimes I have so much to say that the words are pouring out of me, and other times I have so little to say that you can hear crickets in my head and my words are as hard to come by as an oasis in the desert.

I felt The Universe nudging me to commit to writing everyday, and while I answered that calling occasionally, scribbling an entry or two in my writer’s notebook, it wasn’t until I joined the TWT’s Slice of Life Challenge that I really put forth the effort to committing to writing everyday, even when I had nothing to say. I chose to write because it was good for me. And you know what? It’s working!

When I look back on my slices that I’ve written so far, I have a mix of emotions from “Wow, now that was boring!” to “Did I write that? That needs some work!” to “I’m really proud of that piece!” Writing isn’t about getting it right the first time, it’s about the journey. When I started the challenge, I was ready. I had a clear topic and I knew what to write about! That lasted for a couple of days. But then, I ran out of topics. I was stuck. I wrote about something because I had to. I’d made the commitment to write everyday, and by gosh, I was going to do it! After a few bumps in the road, I found my groove. I began thinking throughout the day, “Hmmm…I could write about this!” I jotted down SOL ideas in my writer’s notebooks. I talked to other people about my writing. I began making writing plans– without someone telling me to! Hey, this is what “real” writers do! Maybe I’m beginning to become a “real” writer.

I can’t help but wonder if my journey is similar to the journeys students have in writer’s workshop. “You want me to write every day?!? For how long?!?” “What if I have nothing to say? What?!? You still want me to write?” We push our students along this writer’s path at a consistent pace, expecting them to write everyday and have something to say, but have we really thought about how some of our writers must feel? Have we taken a step back and really pondered it? I think we have to experience it ourselves. Only then can you truly offer our students advice and empathize with how they feel when the ideas aren’t coming and they’re left staring at a blank page (or screen).

I am hopeful that my journey is just beginning. I like it when I write. I look forward to writing. Writing makes me a happier person. What about you? Where is your journey taking you?