Daily Archives: March 15, 2012

What to Wear?- SOL

First of all, I love spring. I love the freshness and newness that it brings. I like to think of it as a fresh start after the long, cold, dreary winter. I love the flowers budding and the splashes of color that pop against the blue sky

But…I find it a little bit annoying when winter is turning into spring, and the weather is trying to figure itself out. Am I cold or warm today? I’m not sure. Will I rain or be sunny? Hmmm…I don’t know. The weather’s fickleness brings me confusion. What do I wear today? Do I dress for cold-ish or warm-ish weather? I never seem to get it quite right.

Those first few sunny, warm days bring me hope that the cold is gone for good, so I start to dress for warmer weather– layering less, leaving the winter coat at home– only to be surprised by yet another cold day. Two days ago, we had the most spectacularly beautiful spring day– warm, sunny, colors appearing out of nowhere– and I dressed for this warmer weather. Only one layer, no jacket…it was bliss! Yesterday was the opposite– cold, rainy, gray– yet, I still dressed for warmer weather. I guess I didn’t want to accept this change. So, I froze all day. Today I dressed for cold and rain. Brought out the winter coat again. Wore two layers. And guess what? I’m hot! It’s wet-ish, but the sun is peeking through the clouds, and with it the warmth comes. Me, in my many layers, winter coat, and Uggs, is the idiot who’s overdressed and sweating underneath it all. I hope that this weather figures itself out soon, or else I’ll need to start carrying extra clothes around with me since I can’t seem to get it quite right!