What is TBA, you ask? TBA stands for Truths, Beauties, and Appreciations, and it’s a reflective exercise to see the truth, beauty, and appreciation in life! The exercise is to write 5 Truths- Things you KNOW to be good and true; 5 Beauties- Take time to notice the beauty in life- physical, nature, emotional; and 5 Appreciations- Things you appreciate. Here are mine for today…

1. I am a reader and a writer.
2. I have more than doubled my number of slices already as compared to the March 2011 SOL Challenge.
3. I am a vegetarian.
4. My friends mean the world to me.
5. I am a traveler.

1. The sun is SHINING today!!! This is the second time in a month, so it’s a big deal.
2. My Starbucks mug filled with peach tea sitting next to me as I write
3. Smiling and being content with the world around me
4. Checking off things on my to-do list
5.My cooking class kiddos with their endless enthusiasm 😉
7.That this is my 10th slice!!

1. I appreciate Skype conversations with old friends. I’m a lucky girl- I had 2 this morning! 😉
2. I appreciate 30 minute (or more) taxi rides to tutoring because I get an hour of time to read or play Scramble with Friends.
3. I appreciate listening ears.
4. I appreciate the joy of reading a new book and loving every minute of it! (If you haven’t read Wonder yet by R.J. Palacio, you really should put it in your stack!)
5.I appreciate my iPad because I always have a book with me waiting to be read!
6.I appreciate being able to finally purchase my flight to Seoul!
7.I appreciate the many opportunities I get to travel!
8.I appreciate soulful conversations!
9.I appreciate my writer’s notebook!
10.I appreciate getting to do whatever I want this weekend!
11.I appreciate the SOL writing community and the encouraging comments they leave!!
12.I appreciate being able to engage (digitally) with so many like-minded people
13.I appreciate my home in Shanghai as well as my one in Texas.
14.I appreciate massages!
15.I appreciate Starbucks!


I {heart} comments.

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