Daily Archives: March 7, 2012


The furniture was in place, the congratulations banner hung for all to see, and the smorgasbord of food was calling to us. As everyone was gathered in the library awaiting the guest of honor and chatting about the day, I overheard snippets of conversations. “Do you think she knows?…She has to know!…I hope she’s going to be surprised…”

“She’s on her way!” I shout. With the music turned down, and all eyes on the door, we collectively shout, “SURPRISE!” when she walks in the door. Stunned, she gives a quick smile and nod and begins surveying the room. She scans the room, trying to process what’s happening when her eyes stop on the banner. “Congrats Rebecca and Alex” it reads, complete with glittery hearts and swirls. Tears swell in her eyes as she says, “But I have a big agenda for today!” We all giggle and assure her that there will be no faculty meeting today. I take away her iPad and pen, setting it aside as I guide her to the guest of honor’s chair.

After welcoming everyone, Franco reads a mad lib about her impending pregnancy disguised as a heart-warming story. Eyebrows raise when he reads, “As Rebecca went into labor, she was suddenly aroused and began craving pickles.” Glances between friends and giggles abound as we listen to his tale. Next up was Christina, who shared that she has found the *perfect* song that she feels describes the beauty of birth…

As we ready ourselves behind the stage, making sure our bellies were just right, we hear the familiar intro, “Ahhh…Push It…” That’s our cue. We all bound onto the stage for our dance number to Salt-n- Pepa’s classic “Push It.” All of us, including a few guys, wore pillows under our shirts so that we looked pregnant, while we danced in unison. It was hilarious! I’ve got to get a copy of the video and load it to YouTube!

After that, everyone dug into the yummy food, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Rebecca, our principal, was truly surprised by the baby shower. I can’t believe everyone was able to keep it a secret! Good onya guys! 😉