Days Like Today- SOL

I love days like today. Days where I am bursting with energy, ready to tackle anything that comes my way. Days where my students are on fire and their enthusiasm for learning bubbles over into all that we do. Days when my students work together as one, lending a hand and pushing each other’s thinking. Days when reading workshop happens so effortlessly that you wonder, “Am I even needed?” Students self-selecting just right books, telling me how much they love the book they’re reading, and choosing all on their own to buddy read with our new ESL student who speaks little English because “I can help him. I can read to him.” Guided reading discussions that go within and beyond the text, students supporting one another and offering language support, and a few laughs along the way. Yes, days like these are what I live for as a teacher. When you reflect on the day and know that today your students learned. Today your students succeeded.  Today your students had fun.  And you know what?  So did I!

I {heart} comments.

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